Montenegro Video Travel Inforation – Cetinje


Cetinje is the historical capital of Montenegro, located in the southern municipality of the same name. Attractions are unlike those of the coastal resorts of Budva or Kotor – Cetinje is mainly attractive as the cultural and spiritual centre of Montenegro.
Cetinje has numerous points of interest, among which are Cetinje Monastery , Vlaška church with its fence made out of barrels of captured enemy rifles, Biljarda, and many historic foreign embassies. Many of these embassies are now schools of various kinds, and so the town has many young people.
Cetinje is also famous for its museums. Museums in Cetinje include: – State Museum
– “Petar Petrovic Njegoš” Museum
– Ethnographic Museum
– History Museum
– Art Museum

All these museums are integrated in the National Museum of Montenegro, which is now housed in the former Palace of King Nikola I. Numerous museums and the huge fund of museum items that are kept there established Cetinje’s reputation as a museum town.